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How It's Done

I am a registered massage therapist as well as a trainer. Our sessions will involve tools and techniques from both of these modalities depending on what you need.


The first step is to go over any injuries or vulnerabilities you're currently experiencing. Together, we'll perform a series of assessments to determine areas of opportunity that we can then build into your training plan.

Next, we'll select a series of indicators to track and graph particular daily tasks that are painful, areas of reduced mobility, or anything else relevant. This will provide us constant feedback, allowing us to track your progress and make any adjustments as needed.

If you're working with another therapist or medical professional, I'll provide reports so they're aware of your progress and can provide feedback as needed.

Outside of whatever goals you have coming in, my underlying goal will always be to build resilience. You deserve to be confident that your meat suit is up to performing the tasks you require of it, worry free.


Services We Offer 

Soft tissue release - pin and stretch

Education & Experience

We have the experience and qualifications needed to perform the assessments you need and the training you deserve.

Graduate of a 2200 hour massage course out of Western College (for more information check out

Certified in Functional Range Conditioning (for more information check out

Personal trainer certified in the Gold Medal Bodies system (for more information check out

Working on....

Backfitpro back assessment and treatment course (for more information check out

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